Animemashite Cross Interview: 103116

Hamano Daiki

ALL OUT!! (Kasuga Hirokuni), Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Dante Mogro), DAYS (Hayase Takanobu)

  1. What drove you to be a seiyuu (Anime/Character/ Seiyuu etc.)
    I thought I wanted to dub for Tom Cruise
    At around the time I was thinking of taking the path of a radio DJ or sports broadcaster, I saw an ad for seiyuu work.  Because I thought I’d want to try dubbing for my favorite actor Tom Cruise, I started studying. I now know that his official dubber since “Eyes Wide Shut” is Morikawa Toshiyuki-san, though…
  2. A movie/book/manga you recommend
    I like teen movies. At any rate, the ambitious bartender played by Tom Cruise was cool! The music was also wonderful. Whether he’s making you laugh or moving you to tears, I really do admire the bartender!
  3. A thing you’re hooked on lately (Hobbies and so forth)
    Window shopping at toy stores
    My child’s growing up, so the things I’ve been wanting to buy for them are increasing. I find it hard to choose so I end up not choosing anything!
  4. Describe yourself in one phrase.
    Whatever I covet for, I work towards. I think I’m greedy that way.
  5. Favorite phrase?
    Take it easy
    Instead of reading too much into everything people [say or do], live comfortably, and you’ll pull off the little things somehow! is what it means… It used to be something I’d tell other people, but now it’s what I keep in mind to do myself, and I love it.
  6. A seiyuu who shocked you
    Katsuta Hisashi-sensei
    As he’s been actively working his entire life, he’s always such an energetic figure that it gives me such a shock.
  7. Something that makes you glad you’re a seiyuu?
    That I’ve been able to take part in interesting experiences
    You can’t just go about talking in a loud voice in everyday life, or go about singing and dancing, so all these new experiences are refreshing.
  8. Anime character you fell in love with?
    Rider from Fate/Zero
    A “man’s man” kind of character! I fell for him when I heard his shouting voice.
  9. What kind of seiyuu do you want to be in the future?
    I want to become a “voice” that everyone has heard about
    There are lots of people with wonderful voices in this industry, so I’d want to be a seiyuu with a “voice” that’d make even people who aren’t interested in seiyuu to go about saying, “ahh, I’ve heard this person’s voice somewhere before!”

  • Original TL post dated 11/20/16.
  • [Source]
  • he apparently has a two-year-old kid! some of the JP fans seem to call him a single dad, but in the episode shirai says smthn about a wife that i can’t catch, but in any case, one of those is true! checking this gave me a reason to watch the episode again, haha…but for the sake of clarification, he’s married and the kanji appearing above his head in the ep was “father of one child”!
  • hoshigari really does mean “covetous” THIS IS NOT AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS, BELIEVE ME, basically if he wants a thing, he goes about getting it, ok that still sounds like the profile of a standard bodice ripper love interest dude but he was seriously not going for that route here…
  • in the episode he says “take it easy” twice, first with JP pronunciation, and then with how it’d be said in English! he studied in sydney so apparently he understands quite a bit…hm


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